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We Offer Cash for Your Car Today!

Imagine passing a shop bearing the slogan “we give credit for people with bad credit” – you might think someone was making a joke in bad taste. After all, everyone seems to reach a stage in their life when they are in near despair because of the lack of cash. But in fact that is exactly what we do – we are a highly professional and well established company and our goal is to be able to help as many people as possible. The way that we do this is to make loans on the basis of the ownership of a motor vehicle which serves as the necessary collateral. We do not inquire about the credit history of those who contact us nor do we ask what people want the loan for because we know the needs are endless.

Simple & Quick Title Loan Application

What’s more a car title loan in tarzana doesn’t  make life hard for our applicants – quite the opposite. There is a fast track system for getting the money – which can be for any sum between $2501 and $20,000. You place a call and our friendly and highly trained team of financial consultants will guide you towards your loan. Once they know the details about your car, they will be in a position to pre-approve the loan. You will then find out just when and how you hand over the documents about the car and best of all receive the cash – usually in no more than one hour. Speed indeed!!!!

Auto Title Loans

Bear in mind that a car title loan offers very competitive loan rates, budget friendly repayments, complete security and peace of mind. And you get to keep the car whilst the loan is being repaid. It’s an almost unbeatable combination.


Bad Credit loans in Tarzana

Having a bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a loan. We at believe that a bad credit score shouldn’t keep you from getting the loan you need. That’s why we don’t ask our customers about their credit history, and we make sure the process is fast, hassle-free and discreet. This way everyone who turns to us is sure to get the best possible car title loan, and use the money for every purpose he desires.